Shelton Residence


Kansas City, MO | 2013

The Shelton Residence is built into a sloping site in Kansas City’s Westside neighborhood. The house’s U-shaped plan encloses terraced gardens and a sunken entry courtyard. The courtyard allows natural light into each wing of the house and provides natural ventilation to every room. On the house’s west facade, a covered porch hovers off of the limestone bluff twenty feet above street level. It overlooks the Westside tree tops and the steep incline of Madison Avenue. The main entrance to the house is from the alleyway, which is roughly level with the rooftop. The roof boasts an even better view than the porch. It will be planted and enclosed by a guardrail. The house was designed for maximum energy efficiency with solar screening, a super-insulated building envelope, in-line water heating, reclaimed lumber siding, and radiant floor heating.

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