Lockton Residence

Alma, KS | 2014

Located on a farmstead near Alma, Kansas, the Flint Hills Residence was designed for a family of five and their summer guests. Four wings are clad in a 1×4 cedar rain screen, with wood windows and a corrugated metal roof. Each wing is a simple rectangular volume with a pitched roof, the traditional farmhouse form common in the Flint Hills. These volumes are linked by two glass-enclosed atriums with flat, planted roofs. Alma is known as the “City of Native Stone,” and the chimney and landscape walls are built out of limestone from a nearby quarry. The residence is not unlike the rest of the buildings on the farm, wood structures with limestone bases and corrugated metal roofs that spread out in long horizontal lines across the country’s last remaining tall grass prairie. Our shop served us well as a research lab and testing ground for this project—we were able build a full scale wall and window mock-up to test materials, rain screen details, and wood finishes.

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