Troost Bridge

Kansas City, MO | 2012

Troost Bridge is located at 48th Street, the point where Troost Avenue crosses over Brush Creek. el dorado was hired to develop a unique pedestrian experience for the new bridge–one embedded in the bridge construction itself. 10′ tall glass panels run the length of the bridge, serving as the guardrail system. By night the panels are illuminated by LED lighting concealed in the concrete barrier. The barrier separates pedestrians from vehicular traffic and also holds a series of stainless steel panels that fold and billow, catching and reflecting both artificial and natural light.

Troost has long been known as the racial dividing line of Kansas City, but its history is far richer and more complicated than that. The street has seen both incredible wealth and devastating poverty, and once rivaled downtown as a hub of commerce. The new bridge was part of the Brush Creek Flood Control and Beautification Project and borders the Green Impact Zone, an area of focused environmental improvement and economic development. It is hoped that these recent investments can help the area reclaim some of its former glory.

The project team included Derek Porter, Genesis Structures, HNTB, LightWorks, Carter Glass and Zahner Architectural Metals.

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