About el dorado

el dorado is located in the Crossroads District in Kansas City, MO.

The Crossroads is a truly mixed-use urban area, combining arts-related businesses, manufacturing facilities, residential occupancies, and up to five trees growing in it if you count the big tan-colored weed that’s growing on the roof of the PCB building.

You can buy fancy chocolate and underwear in the Crossroads, just like in the Pioneer days. You can buy a new sticker for your skateboard or a distributor cap for your car and ride in or on either of them up to the Freight House to watch the trains drift by. You can attend an art opening at one of the twenty galleries in the area, and afterwards you can visit your choice of two Town Topics at which to buy an honest, paper-wrapped cheeseburger. (Go there after midnight to hear the kinds of things that people in Edward Hopper paintings must have said, in the era of Burma Shave and fedoras.)

The Crossroads is not heaven: it’s loud and gritty and it’s hard to park there sometimes, but it’s really a pretty damn good place, and we’ve done a lot of work there, and we love it there and can’t imagine ourselves anywhere else.





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