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Walking 20th Street with Mike Sinclair

January 7, 2011

We're nearing the end of schematic design for five blocks of the 20th Street Streetscape, stretching from Southwest Boulevard to McGee. The street is yet another important piece in the continuing revitalization of Kansas City's urban core. It's in close proximity to the Kauffman Performing Arts Center, now a flurry of activity in preparation for its September opening. It's already home to a number of people, restaurants, businesses, and the street swarms with pedestrians every First Friday. Our goal is simple. We'd like to equip 20th Street for activities beyond driving. We want to make it a walking, sitting, cycling, dog-walking, First Friday-supporting, urban heat island-mitigating, stormwater-slowing, oxygen-enriching space. As we started to think about the project, our good friend Mike Sinclair set out on foot, camera in hand, to document what's already there. (more…)

eldo recommends: Rico’s Tacos Lupe

January 7, 2011

Today is the first installment in a series of monthly blog posts entitled "eldo Recommends," wherein we document the most inspired and inspiring places in the Greater Kansas City Area. Our first pick is Rico's Tacos Lupe, a two block walk from our office, just under I-35 bridge and past the intersection of Summit and Southwest Boulevard. Rico's sits on the street level of a two story brick building, with a bright orange storefront, dark blue trim and a sign so small you could miss it passing by. Be sure you don't. (more…)

eldo on ArchDaily

January 4, 2011

ArchDaily, that endless barrage of attractive buildings and snapshot of the architectural zeitgeist, has been kind enough to feature five (count 'em, five) eldo projects on its home page. In the past month the Botwin Building, Tyler Residence, Finn Lofts, Unitarian Fellowship of Lawrence and Cox Communications have appeared on the site. The posts include in-depth descriptions as well as plans, sections, elevations, and diagrams to supplement Mike Sinclair's brilliant photography. Thanks to ArchDaily for helping us broadcast these projects to the world.

AIA Convention 2011

December 29, 2010

The 2011 National AIA Convention is in New Orleans, and we plan on earning two Participant Ribbons. Firstly, Josh and David will participate in a panel discussion on region-based urban design. In our presentation, aptly named Guns and Rockets, we'll show a few projects and talk about our ongoing quest to incorporate the Midwest's unique urban/rural experience into our work. In particular, we'll use the Hodgdon Powder Facility (Guns) in the Kansas Flint Hills and the TWA Corporate Headquarters (Rockets) in downtown Kansas City to explore the cross-pollination that occurs in el dorado‚Äôs work as a result of continually shifting from urban to rural environments and back again. (more…)

Echo Ridge Update

December 29, 2010

We've been hard at work on a project for the Topeka Housing Authority: two duplex units and a Community Center. The projects are part of the THA's Echo Ridge Development, a nine million dollar project in East Topeka resulting from a HUD grant incentivizing sustainable design within low income housing developments. Aside from our work, there are 30 other sustainably designed duplexes in the development (by architect Tim Schaller), marking Echo Ridge as a milestone project on the THA's road to comprehensive sustainability. el dorado was commissioned to design residential prototypes and a community center that push the envelope for green design within this market. (more…)