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eldo hires

December 22, 2015

We're on the lookout for two new eldos. If you’re passionate about architecture and interested in a rigorous, rewarding office culture, you might be a good fit for el dorado inc. Interested candidates should submit a resume and portfolio to Mara Franke by emailing: [email protected] with a subject line reading [Position] Candidate Response [your last name]. Please, no phone calls or drop ins. There is no deadline for submitting resumes and portfolios. (more...)

34+ Main

December 10, 2015

34+ Main is part of a new wave of multi-family housing construction on Main Street in urban Kansas City. The site, located in Midtown, is closely connected to a vital mix of small businesses, restaurants and residences, about 20 blocks south of downtown. 34+ Main is a transit-oriented mixed-use development, designed for a new generation of urban dwellers that depend less and less on cars. Currently, there are roughly 10 bus stops within walking distance of the proposed 80-unit development, and Main Street hosts the initial phase of Kansas City’s new streetcar system that will soon extend past our site on its way south to the Country Club Plaza, Brookside and Waldo. The project asserts itself as an active participant in a vibrant midtown community that is increasingly bridging the connective tissue of Kansas City’s urban fabric. (more...)

Interior Design Magazine BOY finalist

December 1, 2015

Urban infrastructure moves – sewer systems, electrical grids, roadway networks - are big moves. As design professionals, we can only match their audacity by embracing experimentation and collaboration. These living systems travel with us through time and as materials age and give out, expectations and civic needs change. Best practices evolve. When these changes demand attention, small moves add up and have the potential to become grand, city-shaping gestures. (more...)

AIA Kansas City Design Excellence

November 23, 2015

The AIA Kansas City Design Excellence Awards were held at the Studio Dan Meiner last Friday. Overall, more than 100 projects were submitted for consideration and 16 projects were awarded that evening. El dorado was among those named, and received four awards in the categories of architecture and the People’s Choice Award. (more...)

Early November at the Shelton Residence

November 18, 2015

Photographer Mike Sinclair recently visited the Shelton Residence in the Westside neighborhood of Kansas City and captured the last fleeting days of fall. The Shelton Residence was completed nearly two years ago and, by way of a mature landscape ecosystem on the roof, is now comfortably nestled into a sloping site that culminates in a 20’-0” tall bluff fronting Madison Avenue. el dorado designed the house through a rigorous study of section drawings, and its program and spatial organization was heavily informed by the topography of the site. (more...)