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Boulevard Cellar 1 Expansion

July 25, 2012

Southwest Boulevard is a remarkable Kansas City street--a mess of storage facilities, lumber yards, candy-apple red nightclubs and Mexican restaurants serving Sunday morning menudo. Right before the Boulevard crosses under the railroad tracks and enters the Crossroads, you’ll find one block of fully intact, turn-of-the century brick warehouses, stepping up and down before sprouting muscular stainless steel tanks and a lone smokestack. This is the home of the Boulevard Brewing Company: tenth largest craft brewery in the U.S.; largest American-owned brewery in Missouri; and the source of untold thousands of empty bottles in our recycling bins over the years. We completed the Boulevard Cellar 1 Expansion at the beginning of the summer. We served as both architect and general contractor for the building portion of the project, an exciting addition to el dorado’s Design/Build portfolio. (more...)

eldo recommends: Local Pig

July 19, 2012

Summer in Kansas City is one of the finest times to be a carnivore, the devastating heat made bearable by the smell of slow-smoked meat. Both heat and meat were present on a recent Friday afternoon at el dorado. A few brave students from our K-State summer studio fired up the charcoal grill on eldo’s shade-starved “outdoor patio” along Avenida Cesar E. Chavez. The rest of us took shelter in the cooler confines of the shop to reap the rewards of their labor–sausages and burgers from the Local Pig Charcuterie. The food was summarily devoured. A survery was taken, and the results are in. eldo recommends Local Pig. (more...)

An All-Star Dedication at Mulkey Square

July 11, 2012

Tuesday’s All-Star game had Kansas City broiling with excitement. There were All-Star parades, celebrity sightings on The Plaza, and baseball watch parties throughout the city. Out-of-towners took pilgrimages to the Negro Leagues Museum, filled FanFest at Bartle Hall, and consumed unparalleled amounts of barbecue. Fans across the country watched the National League overpower the American League under the Kauffman Stadium fountains on what proved to be one of the nicest nights of the summer. While those festivities were fantastic, the real action took place Tuesday morning in the Westside neighborhood, under the Kansas City skyline. There, in a heated t-ball game, the Guadalupe Yankees faced the Guadalupe Royals on the brand new field at Mulkey Square Park. (more...)

KCAI Fiber Department

July 6, 2012

The Kansas City Art Institute’s fiber department encompasses a far-reaching list of disciplines–painting, printing, dyeing, weaving, pattern design, sewing, alternative fashion and costume design, knitting, crochet, basketry techniques, felting, spinning and papermaking–an exciting convergence of new technology and traditional craftsmanship. The common thread (ha ha) is that in each of the often-overlapping disciplines, students learn a physical craft by making. el dorado was hired in February as both architect and general contractor to renovate a 10,000 square foot warehouse for the fiber department. (more...)

eldo appreciates: Mike Sinclair

July 3, 2012

We appreciate artist, photographer and all-around friend-of-the-eldo Mike Sinclair. As the primary documenter of our architectural projects, Mike has the unique ability to make our work look really good. We like to think of Mike as some off-brand vampire who occupies the hours of just-before darkness, thirsting not for human blood, but for the quality of light he can only capture the moment the sun is sinking, when the electric glow of buildings shine against the last tinge of daylight. Whether he’s photographing a steel connection or a single cove light in a hallway, Mike brings the same care, attention to detail, and respect for the subject to his architectural photography that he does in his personal work. And it’s his personal photography that is most remarkable. (more...)