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Meet Jami

June 28, 2012

Not long ago, Jami Blakeley watched “Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome,” a surreal, nightmarish film by Kenneth Anger. He was immediately taken by the film’s score, an album by the Electric Light Orchestra called “Eldorado.” So taken, in fact, that he drove around listening to the album for an entire week. A month later he ended up working here. We’re excited to be part of Jami’s strange journey from ELO to eldo. Shortly after he started working as our Bookkeeper and Administrative Specialist, we learned the proper way to pronounce his name. Say JAH-MEE. Rhymes with Tommy, or Mommy. (more...)

SMUU Church

June 20, 2012

We’ve presented our schematic design for the Shawnee Mission Unitarian Universalist Church to the congregation, and we’re almost ready to issue the Design Development Pricing Set. The project is a fast-paced design challenge: turn an old elementary school gymnasium into a sublime space for contemplation and connection. (more...)

Troost Bridge

June 4, 2012

Troost Bridge is located at 48th Street, the point where Troost Avenue crosses over Brush Creek. el dorado was hired to develop a unique pedestrian experience for the new bridge–one embedded in the bridge construction itself. 10′ tall glass panels run the length of the bridge, serving as the guardrail system. By night the panels are illuminated by LED lighting concealed in the concrete barrier. The barrier separates pedestrians from vehicular traffic and also holds a series of stainless steel panels that fold and billow, catching and reflecting both artificial and natural light. (more...)

Rethinking the Strip Mall

May 30, 2012

On Tuesday, June 5th at the MARC Conference Center, join el dorado and friends for a workshop on rethinking that much-maligned fixture of 20th century American architecture– the strip mall. Dan and Josh will present three case studies, three unique projects that represent a broad array of public, private, and cultural entities facing the issue head on. First, the Johnson County Justice Center, an all-encompassing conversion of a former Dillon's grocery store. Next, FLEX Storage Systems, an award-winning renovation of an aging Topeka strip mall. Finally, "A Benevolent Con," el dorado's invited entry for the Flip–a–Strip Competition at the Scottsdale, Arizona Museum of Art. (more...)

Meet Lindsey Fisher

May 24, 2012

We welcomed Lindsey Fisher to our office last week. She's an alumnus of the University of Kansas School of Architecture and the fourth survivor of the el dorado studio to join us here in Kansas City. A few people have told Lindsey that she bears a striking resemblance to the woman in the artwork hanging in our lobby at the foot of our stairs. The piece (a collage called Alexandra by Enrique Mendez de Hoyos) shows the Belarus passport of a brown-haired woman, unsmiling, and a photo of the same woman on a United States visa, beaming ear to ear. Lindsey is not from the Republic of Belarus. She's from Lawrence. And at no point in her life has she gone by Alexandra. Her middle name is actually Erin. She has also been told she looks like Zooey Deschanel. She assumes that this is because the average human being cannot tell the difference between two girls with bangs. (more...)