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Aron/Levin Pool

July 1, 2011

When a flood control project necessitated the removal of an adjacent house and mature trees, exposing them to a busy street, Suzie Aron and Joseph Levin asked us to help them envision a new face to their home that would buffer sound. Maximizing the usefulness of an awkwardly shaped, left over parcel acquired by the client became part of the challenge as well. (more...)

Architect TV Features eldo

June 27, 2011

So it turns out the guy pointing the fancy digital camera at Steve and Dan during the opening hours of the AIA Convention and Expo wasn't just an oddly-relaxed paparazzo. And the guy asking questions wasn't just an enthusiastic European tourist. Apparently, both individuals were part of a vast conspiracy by Hanley Wood to create a video that explains the design, fabrication and installation process of the Avenue project. You can see the result of this curious endeavor on their interactive web feature--Architect TV. Don't miss the part when Steve, describing the concept of the Avenue, reveals a deep eldo truth. "We let materials do what they do." (more...)

IBM Smarter Buildings Forum

June 15, 2011

We were excited to participate in a day-long forum on June 10 in New York City, focused on the partnership that Tulane University has developed with IBM. Richardson Memorial Hall, home to the Tulane School of Architecture, will serve as one of a handful of pilot projects for IBM's Intelligent Building Management software system. This system will effectively serve as the first salvo in Dean Ken Schwartz's "Sustainable Strategies" initiative for the building. The anchor of the initiative is the renovation of Richardson Memorial itself--which we're undertaking in collaboration with FXFowle and an eco-host of super-consultants. (more...)

Meet the Rachel

June 13, 2011

If you climb the stairs at el dorado and find that the office seems a little fresher, a little cleaner, it's not your imagination. In less than a week our newest hire, Rachel Duncan, has enacted a strict, disciplined and orderly rule on the eldo front of house. She even brought in a jar of chocolates, shaming Brandon and Gavin, the previous front desk inhabitants. Other eldos have been heard whispering how nice it is that "someone's finally getting things done around here" and referring to the time before Rachel was hired as the "dark ages" or simply "B.C. (before candy)." (more...)

Boulevard Brewery Expansion

June 9, 2011

Boulevard Brewing Company is a great client fit. They respect our goods. We respect theirs. Boulevard recently tapped (haha) our Industrial Studio to expand their facility at the corner of 25th Street and Southwest Boulevard. Working within the footprint of the existing building, we're proposing to expand up with a new tower for eight beautiful, shining stainless steel tanks. Each tank is 38 feet tall and will hold 300 barrels of dry hop beer. It's a sanctuary of sorts - a sanctuary of beer. (more...)