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AIA Kansas City Design Awards

November 14, 2011

The AIA Kansas City Design Excellence Awards were held last Friday, and el dorado was clapped at four times under the Uptown Theater’s starry ceiling. In case you were curious, this painted sky is the defining feature of an “atmospheric theater” a type of movie palace popular in the 1920s. (The Orpheum in Wichita was the first in the U.S.) Adding to the atmosphere of the atmospheric theater was a masked surf-rock band called Sun Dog, as well as the usual spirits and libations. (more...)

Theaster Gates Lecture

November 8, 2011

Theaster Gates is an artist, cultural planner and catalyst among artists, institutions and audiences. His work engages issues of race, class and place through performance, urban interventions, micro-development and sculpture. He’ll speak this Friday, November 11th at the Spencer Museum of Art Auditorium in Lawrence, the final installment of KU’s School of Architecture, Design & Planning Fall Lecture Series. The lecture is at 11:30. It's free and open to the public. (more...)

The LUX (and more songs about Wichita)

November 4, 2011

There's something about the city of Wichita that makes people want to sing. The phenomenon started in '68, when Glen Campbell topped the country charts with Wichita Lineman and probably peaked somewhere around 2004, when the White Stripes namedropped the city in their smash-hit Seven Nation Army. You know the one I'm talking about. It had a bass riff that got lodged in your head and, just when you thought you had it out, you heard it again - at the mall, at the Wal-Mart, at the Grammy's. The song was ubiquitous. Was it any coincidence that "I'm going to Wichita" was the best line? While it's a well-known fact that all of us here at el dorado are above average singers, Wichita doesn't really make us want to sing. It makes us want to design buildings. (more...)

Habitat for Humanity Prototype Housing

October 31, 2011

We’ve teamed up with Heartland Habitat for Humanity and Public Architecture to design new Habitat prototype housing. Public Architecture’s 1% for Habitat Initiative matches innovative architecture firms with Habitat affiliates to design and build a home that surpasses the organization’s already strict design and sustainability standards. el dorado and Hearland Habitat for Humanity were one of five partnerships nationwide selected, and we’re in good company. (more...)

Richardson Memorial Hall Renovation

October 27, 2011

In its century-long existence, Tulane University’s Richardson Memorial Hall has undergone an incredible evolution. The building was built in 1908 as Tulane’s medical school, complete with a cadaver lab, embalming room, surgery, dissection room, and anatomical museum. The School of Architecture moved in during the 1970s, and the focus of study shifted from the systems inside the body to the systems that the body moves inside of. (more...)