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eldo World Tour

April 26, 2012

We’re taking our finely-tuned lecture series / laser light show on the road again. With six dates scheduled across the U.S., we may be coming to a city near you. Garth Brooks always said that the best moment of the tour is when you stop playing and the crowd can sing your songs back to you. Garth had the luxury of being a multiplatinum recording artist with a voice like melting caramel. But he did not have our architectural portfolio. Garth had a guitar and a backing band of Nashville musicians. But he did not have powerpoint. We’re looking for a crowd we can share that special moment with. (more...)

Fast Times at 1908 Main

April 19, 2012

It’s spring at el dorado, and Design-Build is in the air. So are the cranes and construction crews. The lights are on at Boulevard Brewery, chrome tanks and pipes illuminated at night like some strange space station. Drive down the Boulevard to see the perfectly executed perforated metal facade, corrugated panels filed down to meet at a knife edge, or take it in from a distance on the northwest steps of the Liberty Memorial. The best view, from the top of the railroad tracks that cross over Southwest Boulevard, is reserved for conductors, daredevils and hobos. Over at 1908 Main, Mission Peak Capital is undergoing a complete metamorphosis. It will eventually emerge in all its glory--like a buff-colored brick butterfly--thanks to the hard work of Matthew and the rest of the Design-Build crew. (more...)

Meet Danielle Kruse

April 13, 2012

With the last few nit-picky punch list items crossed off the list, the Echo Ridge Community Center is officially open for business. But with our friends at the Topeka Housing Authority busy doing what they do best--i.e. managing housing--who has the time to program and run it? Meet Danielle Kruse. Danielle is the Sustainable Development Initiatives Manager for the Topeka Housing Authority. What exactly does that mean, you ask? It means she keeps a busy schedule. In addition to operating three other community gardens in Topeka, she leads programs at the newly finished Echo Ridge Community Center to help residents use their space to lead healthier, more sustainable lives. (more...)

Speakeasy Exchange One: Creative Labor

April 5, 2012

This Saturday April 7th, David joins a group of “questioners” at La Esquina for the first Speakeasy Exchange. The Exchange draws on the collective wisdom of the participants, who instead of lecturing an audience, come with questions to guide a public discussion. Speakeasy may be the name, but the topic is a tough one. According to The Speakeasy’s website: “The first conversation will be concerned with the complex ways in which artists work – both for themselves and for others. How do artists maintain an active and creative personal practice while earning a living or supporting a family? How does earning money interface with the gift economy at the core of many art practices? (more...)

eldo appreciates: Bridges

March 29, 2012

The Missouri River is the longest waterway in the nation. Borne from three streams high in the Montana Rockies, it travels 2,341 miles before emptying into the Mississipi on northern side of St. Louis. An ever-present force on our built environment, the river has alternately built up and torn down Kansas City–providing necessary trade routes, irrigating farmland, and wiping out entire neighborhoods and city districts during 100-year floods. The reason Kansas City exists in the form it does today is not simply due to the river, however–the many bridges that cross it also have had a hand in shaping our city. (more...)