Boulevard Cellar 1 Expansion

Kansas City, MO | 2012

Boulevard recently tapped our Industrial Studio to expand their facility at the corner of 25th Street and Southwest Boulevard. Working within the footprint of the existing building, we proposed expanding up, creating a new tower for eight stainless steel tanks. Each tank is 38 feet tall and will hold 300 barrels of dry hop beer. The addition was shaped by an underground river that runs below the northwest corner of the building, channeled by dual 9′x18′ box culverts. We sliced the tower volume to run parallel to the underground river. The “slice” created a wall of north-facing glass which opens up views of the facility and engages southbound traffic emerging from under a rail overpass. Vertical mesh panels reduce solar heat gain on the southwest and northeast facade while still allowing views of the tanks, which are especially visible when illuminated at night.

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