eldo recommends: Port Fonda

Posted on July 5th, 2011 at 10:31 am by

Port Fonda 1

It is with great enthusiasm that the people of eldo recommend Port Fonda, Kansas City’s most inspired food truck (Airstream, actually). You can dock at Port Fonda by ordering at the window or (with some advance notice) by sitting down at the ultimate in micro-restaurants: inside the Airstream itself (!). The operation is run by chef Patrick Ryan and Max Watson, and with the two them providing details of the food from farm to preparation to the plate, it features equal expansion of the mind and stomach.

Port Fonda 2

David and a group of Merry Foodsters recently ducked in one balmy evening in early June, and were greeted with four courses of goodness:

1. ensalada de sandia: watermelon, basil/mint/cilantro, queso fresco, chile
2. rancho gordo wild rice, grilled turnips, radishes and radish sprouts
3. whole, roasted, bone-in berkshire pork butt with accompaniments
4. ricotta doughnuts with tequila tres leches and blackberries

Port Fonda 3
Port Fonda 4

By all accounts the food was phenomenal–even with the thermometer pushing 100 degrees. (The flowing chilled rosé from Cellar Rat–subject of a future eldo recommendation–didn’t hurt either). Although David and the Merry Foodsters can’t remember what the accompaniments to the pork butt were, they exited with enough food to fuel the next four days worth of meals. ¡Fue muy delicioso!

Port Fonda 5

To find out where Port Fonda is currently docked, or to make a reservation for full Airstream experience, check out their facebook or twitter.