eldo is Hiring: Project Manager

Posted on June 1st, 2018 at 10:06 am by

With new projects coming online in Kansas City and other markets including Minneapolis, Denver, Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, el dorado is seeking applications for Architects with solid Project Management Experience. Current and upcoming projects span typologies from light industrial to curatorial; master planning to residential; urban design to custom fabrication; single family residential to block scale mixed-use developments; urban and rural. el dorado is an cross-disciplinary firm of 28 architects, designers, curators, and fabricators based in Kansas City, Missouri. We have a lively, rigorous studio culture, a full fabrication and mock-up shop, healthy compensation, and comprehensive benefits.

We are seeking individuals for this position with approximately twelve or more years of experience, licensure preferred but not required, bachelor’s degree in architecture or equivalent / relevant degree from an accredited program.

–Responsible for managing all aspects of multiple small to large projects;

–Responsible for the coordination of all project efforts both administrative and technical in order to assure the most efficient and cost-effective execution of assigned projects;

–Serves as the secondary client liaison to bring the schedule, budgets, and scope of work to completion;

–Actively manages client budgets, schedules, and programs; project communications and documentation; office administrative tasks and project team assignments;

–Estimates fees, determines scope of work, assists with proposal generation and prime contracts;

–Solicits consultant proposals and prepares scopes of work;

–Initiates and / or develops project designs, is responsible for preparing project presentation and design drawings;

–Lead and direct activities of project team personnel while monitoring technical production on projects to ensure adherence to quality standards and productivity;

–Coordinates all trades and agencies related to the design while monitoring drawings;

–Responsible for interpreting, organizing, executing, and coordinating assignments as needed for each project: including exploration of subject area, definition of scope, selection of items for investigation, and development of concepts and methods;

–Assists principal as required, and performs project architect / designer duties as needed;

–Firm responsibility and commitment to realizing design excellence within every project. Project Managers at el dorado serve a unique leadership role that is both deeply invested in the logistics and details of a project, and must also uphold the practice’s core values of craft, design excellence, and passion for engaging context.

Interested candidates should submit a resume and portfolio to Monica Allen by emailing: [email protected] with a subject line reading Project Manager Candidate Response [your last name]. Please, no phone calls or drop ins. We are actively reviewing applications on a weekly basis. There is no deadline for submitting resumes and portfolios.

el dorado is an equal opportunity employer that believes a dynamic creative community is enriched by diversity and inclusion. el dorado does not discriminate in employment opportunities or practices on the basis of race, creed, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions), marital status, national origin, ancestry, age, disability, family care status, protected veteran status, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, citizenship status, genetic information or any other characteristic protected by applicable law or humanist worldview.

About el dorado
Established in 1996, el dorado is an architecture, urban design, curatorial, education and fabrication practice located approximately in Kansas, Missouri. In the beginning, as equal parts art gallery, fabrication shop and design studio, we were known for fingerless gloves and raffish outbursts that helped jumpstart Kansas City’s emergent culture. Today, we work purposefully across scales and contexts, from city blocks to exhibitions, between critical ideas and our intangible, spiritual attachment to place. el dorado’s three partners and 28 staff — including 11 architects, a university professor, curators, industrial designers and certified welders — chase big ideas with a common touch.

Enlivening contradictions are coded within el dorado: yes, there’s the mythical city of gold, but we’re also named after a gas guzzler. Our core belief — design excellence is possible anywhere, for anyone — has us saying Hell Yes! to unexpected opportunities as often as, No!, we ain’t going down that dark road. We are equally as eager to upend industrial typologies as we are for ascendant collaborations with artists, bringing design integrity to low cost housing or starting critical design dialogues in rural America. Our Kansas City roots grant intimate knowledge of the strange magnetism that bridges flyover status with hard-earned belief in the possibilities of this place.

The mythologies and rigor of the Midwest flow through our practice, and we see the shared ethic between the astronaut’s moonshot and a farmer’s buckshot. el dorado seeks opportunities for everyday alchemy and radical normalcy throughout our polarized landscape. Our work creates common ground in the middle of everywhere.