In Loving Memory, “Big Mama”

Posted on April 9th, 2018 at 6:56 am by

We were deeply saddened to learn of Big Mama’s passing on March 30, and want to offer our sympathies and love to Big Mama’s family and to the many people who cherished her in Omaha and beyond. Big Mama was larger than life — both as a character, and as a deeply human friend, mentor, collaborator and champion for North Omaha.

We’ve been extremely fortunate to work with Big Mama’s Kitchen since 2011 — first on Big Mama’s Sandwich Shop in the Carver Bank building, and now we are nearing completion of the new Big Mama’s Kitchen within the Highlander Accelerator at 30th and Lake, which will open late this summer. This new restaurant was a dream of Big Mama’s for years. It is purpose built to support her passion for soul food, community and friendship.

As anyone who has been to Big Mama’s knows — it is more than a restaurant. It is a community anchor and hub that empowers both its employees and guests. Big Mama ensured that the restaurant was a powerful advocate for the culture and people of North Omaha, and her food and spirit captured worldwide attention and love through her appearances on multiple food and travel shows.

We will continue to work with Big Mama’s family to realize a restaurant that fulfills her vision and honors the profound legacy she established for her family and community.