Upper Harbor Terminal

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site overview

During the fall of 2016 Coen + Partners and el dorado inc were engaged by United Properties, First Avenue Productions and Thor Companies to lead master planning and urban design efforts for a 48-acre site in Minneapolis fronting the Mississippi River. The site, adjacent to a robust and diverse North Minneapolis Community, offers a unique opportunity to re-engage the river as a celebrated civic gesture while re-invigorating its longstanding history as a manufacturing hub through the introduction of smart industry and a range of innovative housing options.

site boundary A

Site boundary

site program

Site program

We are thrilled to announce that, in December of 2016, the Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board recommended that the City of Minneapolis engage our team to move forward with the first phase of the project, which involves a comprehensive community engagement program and further investigation into the Concept Design of the site itself. The team will leverage a dynamic public/ private partnership to create an urban design framework that promotes civic amenities including sustainable landscaping strategies, a riverfront park system, an outdoor entertainment venue and the preservation of industrial relics important to the site’s history.

green spaces

Site green spaces

industrial relics

Industrial relics

Additionally, the framework will promote job creation and community integration through a continuation of industrial uses and strong urban connections to the nearby residential fabric. As the project unfolds, the development and design team will expand to include LSE Architects, Pierce Pini Nitsch Engineering, Juxtaposition Arts, Minneapolis Orchestra, and a host of others.

site connections

Site connections

We look forward to mixing it up with the North Minneapolis Community in the coming months, and are especially excited to be working with such a dynamic team on this transformative site. Through local and city-wide collaboration, the project has the potential to re-introduce North Minneapolis as a regional civic destination and a next-generation hub of industry and urban dwelling.

perspective looking south

Perspective looking south

Images courtesy of Coen + Partners