AIA KC Design Excellence Awards

Posted on November 16th, 2016 at 3:51 pm by

el dorado was thrilled to have three projects recognized in the annual AIA Kansas City Design Excellence Awards last week. The Shelton Marshall Residence won a merit award in the small architecture category, reStart Housing won a citation award in the medium architecture category and Chipotle 3.0 Prototypes won a citation award in interior architecture.

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Shelton diptych

Shelton Marshall Residence
Shelton Marshall Residence deploys a courtyard plan within a sloped site, leveraging natural ventilation, natural daylighting and energy efficiency to create comfortable spaces for family dwelling.



reStart diptych

reStart Housing
“The jury was very excited about this small projects that serves youth transitioning from foster care. It communicates a real understanding of it’s clients and a real empathy for their situation, while at the same time reinforcing a sense of community and presence […] It works beautifully within it’s context. The architecture seems to respect those who live there and give them an opportunity to succeed. One thing that’s very nice about it is that kind of restraint in color palette but also the quality of light in the central courtyards with that one brilliant touch of yellow which is an optimistic color applied very judiciously in the right place. It feels perfect.” —Steve Ziger, AIA, 2016 AIA Kansas City Design Excellence awards jury member




Chipotle 3.0 Prototypes
“The jury found this prototype design for Chipotle very stimulating in that the architects were charged with envisioning the brand and the store design in the next generation of Chipotle. They looked at the big issues of organization and circulation that can be applied nationally to this chain in a very thoughtful way, looking at both the history of the brand and how it’s evolved over time and also the changing demographics of Chipotle’s market. They embraced the rather kind of hip, urban attitude in using materials creatively. The result for this direction is both familiar and fresh.

One of the strong aspects of the analysis was looking at effectively two different ways of building within a limited size structure, both with side loading and the [front] loading for services so that this prototype can be applied to a variety of existing conditions.” —Steve Ziger, AIA, 2016 AIA Kansas City Design Excellence awards jury member

This year’s jury included Steve Ziger, AIA, of Ziger/Snead Architects; Luanne Greene, AIA, of Ayers Saint Gross; and Luis Bernardo, AIA, of Design Collective.