Architectural Record’s Boulevard Tour

Posted on February 1st, 2013 at 9:36 am by

Tours of the Boulevard Brewing company are usually booked for months in advance. Whether it’s the chance to peek inside the operations of a revered beermaker or the promise of a free glass of a yet-to-be-released brew, there’s something about the brewery tours that really draws people in.

You don’t need to hang around Southwest Boulevard sheepishly trying to peer through the perforated screen of the new addition. Just pick up a copy of this month’s Architectural Record. Under the precise title “Top of the Hops,” there’s a great spread of our Cellar 1 Expansion, set against the iconic smokestack bearing the Boulevard name, under a sunset worthy of a J.M.W. Turner canvas. (In this case, the “painter of light” was the one and only Mike Sinclair)


The Painters of Light: Mike Sinclair & J.M.W. Turner

The Painters of Light: Mike Sinclair & J.M.W. Turner

There’s nod to Kansas City on the magazine’s cover, and firsthand accounts from Boulevard’s star engineers Mike Utz and Dali Grabar. It was these guys who, working in tandem with our Design/Build team, made the project happen.


The article invokes a misquotation of Ben Franklin, compares our addition to a Gothic beer cathedral, and doesn’t shy away from the technical details. It’s an appropriate national tribute to our city’s favorite beer and the people that produce it.